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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Big Bold Brows

Who is into the bold eyebrow trend? I am!! I had some massive eyebrows growing up and unfortunately when I was in high school very thin eyebrows were in, so I took my tweezers and plucked away. I regret it now and have spent years trying to regrow them and fill them in with makeup.  I wanted to share some pictures with you of some of my favorite eyebrows.

Of course Cara Delevingne, she is the queen of eyebrows right now.

Lily Collins has the most amazing thick, dark, and perfectly arched brows.

And Kim Kardashian, well enough said right?

I will put up a post soon on my brow products (sneak peak: they're all Anastasia Beverly Hills!) and will try my first attempt on doing a picture tutorial. If that works I'll add that along with the review. Let me know what you think about big bold brows!

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